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How We Reduce Software Costs

GreenBook – A database with over $15 billion in software pricing data from over 1000 data centers worldwide across every industry and size. Utilized by the largest companies, governments, outsourcers and consulting companies worldwide.

How did a database containing over $15 billion in software costs from hundreds of the largest companies and government agencies worldwide help them?

It helped them:

  • Reduce their software costs by 10%-25%
  • Drive data center software costs to industry best in class
  • Maintain competitive edge
  • Free software budget to use for other strategic initiatives
  • Provide critical data to support in vendor negotiations
  • Maintain software compliance
  • Minimize expense and time associated with audits
  • Reduce non-compliance license charges
  • Grow data center without incurring additional software costs

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How do we know? Because we have the data. Why Guess When You Can Know?